Animal control bylaws in Longueuil

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Even if you’ve missed the October 1st, 2016 deadline to obtain your “pit bull” licence, call Services Animaliers de la Rive Sud immediately to purchase your regular dog licence, and begin the process to obtain the special green “pit bull” licence. As announced at the December 6th, 2016 city hall meeting, the deadline has been extended to assist in compliance, however, an end to this extension has not been announced, so it could end at any time. Don’t delay, call to arrange for your licence today.


The city of Longueuil has recently passed changes to the animal control by-law. Starting July 13th, ALL dogs over 20kg must be walked on a leash (no longer than 2m) and must be wearing a ‘Halti’ or a Harness.

In addition, the city has banned any new ‘pit bull type’ dog from moving to the city as of October 1st 2016, however current ‘pit bull type’ dogs can stay, as long as:

-The dog is registered with the city as a ‘pit bull type’ dog (this is different from the regular city dog tag, and you must have proof of the owner’s age, vet records of vaccination, microchip and sterilization, an obedience certificate and a certificate from a veterinarian stating your dog “is not dangerous” to register your dog)
-Wears a current city dog tag ($30/year)
-Owner is over the age of 18
-There are no more than 2 ‘pit bull type’ dogs on one property
-The dog is micro-chipped for identification
-The dog is spayed or neutered
-The owner has proof of a rabies vaccination (every 3 years)
-The owner has a veterinary certificate or note stating that your dog is not dangerous, dated not more than 1 year ago.
-The owner has proof of that dog having passed an obedience course by a recognized dog training facility
-The dog wears a muzzle in public at all times
-The dog is on a leash at all times (no longer than 2m long)
-The dog may NOT be in a dog park, at any time, even with a muzzle

All of the above requirements must be met by October 1st, 2016.

Your dog must wear a muzzle, not enter a dog park, always be on leash, have a current city dog tag and wear a harness (if over 20kg) as of July 13th, 2016.

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I will update this page as details become available from the City of Longueuil.