Basic Obedience

Dog training for family pets of all breeds. Recognized by the city of Longueuil and Brossard to conform to recent changes to the animal control bylaw to obtain a ‘pit bull’ license.

Nice Dog, Scarlett! is friendly and approachable dog training. It uses positive reinforcement to engage your dog in learning. Your dog will look forward to training as quality one-on-one time with you, his guardian and best friend!

Emphasis on: socialization, basic obedience, effective communication, safety, and problem prevention techniques.

Basic obedience with Nice Dog, Scarlett! includes teaching your dog to:

  • Sit
  • Loose leash walking
  • Automatic sit when you stop walking
  • Stay
  • Down
  • Sit from Down
  • Stand for examination
  • Recall with automatic sit
  • Take it/leave it
  • Jazz up/settle down
  • Stay clam while a friendly stranger approaches
  • Stay calm while owner is out of view
  • Long sit
  • Long down

Each round of classes is 6 classes (1 hour per week), and you must attend the final class to complete the test.

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For dogs targeted by breed specific legislation, please bring a front-clip style harness (such as an Easy-Walk) and basket style muzzle (pro tip: a black Baskerville Ultra in size 4 fits most ‘pit bull’ type dogs.) We will practice using these tools for outdoor walks, and teaching the dogs to accept wearing a muzzle. They do not have to wear it for the whole class, but we do want them to see it as a positive thing, and not a punishment. See The Muzzle Up Project for more information on de-stigmatizing the use of muzzles. It’s a great program for dogs of any breed!

All “pit bull type” dogs must bring a muzzle and a harness if he or she is over 20kg. You must bring proof vaccination to class. We will practice getting the dogs used to wearing their muzzles for short periods of time during the class. We want to make wearing it as positive as possible for the dogs. Please wear appropriate footwear for training.